Xillia 2 Final Dungeon Maps (Spoiler-free)


The final dungeon can take on multiple patterns for the bridge gaps. I believe there are 4, though only 2 maps are available. The pattern resets every time you reenter the dungeon, so you can abuse that until you get one of the two mapped patterns.

Maps source: here

The maps highlight the correct path to the final boss.

Pattern A:


Pattern B:


Good luck!


Leia’s mom, Sonia, needs to be an optional boss fight that takes everything you can muster to even drag your sorry ass to victory against. If she can intimidate the previous game’s final boss, then she’d have no problem spanking 4 uppity youths at once.

battlemedicmathis asked
I'm on mobile but pleASE I FORMALLY REQUEST A SNAPCHAT. Maybe just one on Jude's timeline???
Guess it worked out for you and me. When the Nia Khera Hallowmont collapsed, you were there, and reached out your hand. And thanks to you, I’m still here… Stop grinning like an idiot!"



"I betrayed you…

… my bad.”

Matthew Mercer


(Credit to cherrim for translating this 4koma!)

(Credit to nihopalaoa and her sister for standing in line for this when I was busy teaching small children!)

The fruits of my labor. \o/ Matthew Mercer is the best!! He TOTALLY got it when I asked him to sign “I betrayed you….my bad.” One of us indeed! Even though my sister and I were deathly afraid that we wouldn’t be able to get our stuff signed considering there were like 50 people ahead of us with 8 minutes left in the autograph session but!! It happened!! YAY

We got our X1 collector’s box and my X1 world guidebook signed by Matthew Mercer and Lauren Landa, will upload pics later~


first thing’s first: despite what the twewy wiki says, “SOHCAHTOA” is not a play on “sou ka”. it’s not said even once in the japanese version by anyone, ever. you cant really blame the translators though, considering they were dealing with completely untranslatable mnemonics


(i didnt even notice this the first time around but. look at this. “san” is in katakana. literally the first thing out of this shitlord’s mouth is a fucking number pun and it gets worse)

under a cut because this is gonna be pretty image-heavy

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iprinny asked
Hiya :3! I had a question in Xillia 2 and you're the best person to ask I think xD! So here goes! ~~ After you have the meeting with the CEO guy and deliver the data to him, you get a skit outside his office involving your current party, but also Elize- who isn't even with you at the time. Is that there because its possible she COULD be with you at the time due to your choices, or is it just a mistake to have her in that skit at all?

I don’t think they did a very good job with checking your party in TOX2.

Any time you have someone other than Ludger set as the on-screen character and the party splits up without actually leaving the party in the menu, you can get doubles on the screen. It also doesn’t check NPCs and quests very well, since I know I got two Driselles on screen once because I had finished a subquest for her at the same time as I was due to visit her in a character episode.

So I would not be surprised if they don’t do the check for the skits either. :\ It’s probably a mistake.

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The debt system is really getting on my nerves.

First time I played, I was bitching about the debt system and Nova’s calls roughly every 10 minutes while I played. :( It is something you get used to, though… I guess, since apparently I did at some point. 

Cherrim: It's also how I suggest maxing out affinity... cheat at poker to get friendship potions and drug them into liking you!