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Do you have Xillia 2 4koma kings? If you do, are you planning on translating them around the time of the release of Xillia 2 in Europe and NA? If not, I'd be glad to send you scans of vol 1-2.

I do have them and I do plan on translating them when the game releases in the West. :D 

Thank you for offering though. I’d have taken you up on it if I hadn’t caved and ordered the books before I even got halfway through the game because I knew I’d want to translate them, hahaha.


Gumshoe appears in more cases (23) than any other character in the series, followed by Phoenix Wright (20), Miles Edgeworth (18) and the judge (17).

gumshoe has been in phoenix wright: ace attorney more than phoenix wright has been in phoenix wright: ace attorney

(Source: sebastiandebeste)

Capcom of America: ok we've got it. nine-tails vale and tenma town were founded by immigrants. your move, japan.

Capcom of Japan: oh those motherfuckers. someone get me shu takumi on the phone, he'll know the best way to fuck them over